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Jon Le Ray (Photographer)

Jon's love of photography started at school, when he bought his first DSLR. Looking back he only really completed what was required at GCSE level, but with exams behind him, He developed his studies into a hobby.


Jon now specialises in Aerial and Air to Air photography. Being inspired by other photographers doing similar work. Over the past four years he has developed a network of contacts throughout America, Europe and the UK

The platform used mainly for the shoots is a Beech Baron flown by a very experienced pilot who has flown a variety of types in different scenarios.

Lawrence Moore (Photoship Pilot)

Another extremely experienced pilot, Lawrence has some 27,000 flying hours to his name flying long haul mainly for Thomson Airlines and did some testing on the Boeing 787 before bringing it into service.

Lawrence owns the Baron which provides a stable photo platform of which he has a vast number of flying hours on.

Lawrence also has approval from the CAA to undertake aerial work and has permissions to fly around the Channel Islands and the UK for this purpose

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